Elektra Ltd is one of Malta’s leaders in the importation and distribution of electrical equipment and light fittings. The company brings with it a broad array of products and solutions together with the knowledge and expertise that comes from over 40 years of experience within the industry. Over the years Elektra has established its growth based on continuous investment in facilities, systems and highly trained sales and technical personnel. Due to this constant investment the company enjoys a successful relationship with its foreign partnerships who are all global leaders within their respective industries. These long-term partnerships have ensured that even in a small market like Malta, brands can find their niche. Elektra provides their corporate clients with high quality products, with ever improving technological advances keeping Malta in line with global developments. Elektra’s seeks to achieve client satisfaction to establish strong relationships across the board, from commercial projects to industrial ones.

An array of locations, industries and styles have shaped our project portfolio throughout the years. Get inspired on how we help businesses stand out.