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Ethnic interiors became very popular lately even locally. Different inspirations range from Scandinavian and romantic Provence to the outstanding oriental styles. We will be sharing our insight on the Ethnic-inspired lighting designs that are complete with character.

The African continent is distinguished worldwide for its precious metal and wood handcrafts. Notably, for the mysterious and recherche varieties of wonderful designs. The style fits perfectly in a simple and modest home as well as an exquisite estate. Ethnic style requires a little bit of imagination, improvisation and skillful use of materials. For sure, not for the faint hearted as it is bold, exotic and absolutely vibrant.

How was the ethnic inspired style introduced? This style has a long stretch of history that is completely rich of colonial expansions. Ethnic design is captivating, heavily influencing today’s most interior design settings. Ethnic inspirations are born from countries that are positioned strategically in Northern Africa where they touch both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean coasts. Over years and centuries, these countries have matured from a variety of cultures, civilizations and religions all of which contributed for its mystical and notorious design. Roman, Spanish, British and French colonies inspired the country with new acquired traits that were infused well with Moorish, Arabic and Barbarian cultures. The diverse style brought about a demonstrated dramatic expression of colour and creativity. This gives the required freedom both to the home user as well as designer to create a perfectly ethnic style that fits absolutely to any culture that touches the Med.

Ethnic style stands out from any other interior design styles as it has Eastern and African elements that beautifully reflect in lamps with poly chromatic palette that combine warm and cold colour tones. If you are an avid traveler with a love for inspired ethnic things, you’ll fall head over heels for unique ethnic lamps to embellish your den.

If you are looking to transform your home with a wave of ethnic influence, as with any other interior space, lighting plays an important role in completing your desired style. With ethnic design, light fixtures tend to be distinct and result as works of art with visual focal points even when not illuminated. The most particularly popular styles are lanterns finished in bronze, copper and wrought iron. We suggest hanging artistic pendants at different heights to create the perfect ethnic touch to your home. If you are enticed enough, then look no further, incorporate the following design elements from our vast range of light fixtures:

Ethnic inspired interiors should look warm, cosy and comfy but above all should be original. Add that original eastern theme to your home and just unwind in your little piece of heaven.

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