Home Automation Made Easy: Introducing The Arteor With Netatmo From Legrand

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Home automation systems have revolutionised our homes over the past 30 years. The flexibility these systems offer is endless, allowing users to control their home appliances and tech remotely. This allows users to save time and energy, safeguarding their security and making their homes more economical and productive.

A staple for many luxury homes, traditional home automation systems entail a complex installation process. Most of the time, home automation requires a whole new wiring system and the help of skilled professionals. The tedious and costly process has discouraged many homeowners from having the smart home of their dreams.

Arteor With Netatmo Range

With the revolutionary Arteor with Netatmo from Legrand, these concerns are soon to become a thing of the past.

Arteor with Netatmo is a simple home automation system that is easily installed using your home’s existing wiring infrastructure, controlled through your home’s Wi-Fi.

Simple Installation & Control

To implement this cutting-edge smart system, simply install a gateway in close proximity to a Wi-Fi modem. This gateway gives you connected control, which lets you do things like turn on lights, turn on appliances, and control wireless battery controls.

Legrand’s HOME + CONTROL app

You can control this smart home system through the HOME + CONTROL app on a tablet or smartphone. It is available for free on Android and iOS without the need for a subscription.

This gives you the ability to control your appliances from anywhere. So there is no need to worry about leaving the iron on the next time you leave home. You can also use voice control to control any outlets if getting up is too much of a hassle.

Endless Options

You can also integrate wireless switches from the Arteor with Netatmo range with your wired switches. This added flexibility allows the home automation system to evolve with your lifestyle, thanks to a dynamic mesh network via the Zigbee 2.4GHz waveband.

Arteor With Netatmo – Wireless switches

With the option to integrate wireless switches into the system, the possibilities are endless. An added plus of the wireless switches, is that you don’t have to chase your walls for new outlets.

The Home Automation System Your Home Deserves

Creating a smart home has never been easier and more affordable. Explore the endless range of possibilities that Arteor with Netatmo provides at our Elektra showroom in Qormi, or contact us for more details.

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