Add comfy and cozy warmth to your interiors with effective lighting

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So, the clocks have gone back, the temperature’s chilled and the nights are drawing in, which means it is time to great creative with your indoor lighting and to bring some coziness and warmth to the ambience inside your home.  

But once our days shorten, resist the temptation to overcompensate by saturating your interiors with bright overhead lighting, because although this will bathe your rooms in brightness, the overall effect may not be particularly warm or inviting. 

Creating visual warmth inside your home during Autumn and Winter really is just as important as having physical warmth itself – especially if your rooms are decorated in ‘cool’ colour schemes which can look chilly and uninviting if immersed in too bright a light. 

Take a little time to consider the positioning of lighting around your home.  Think light placement, colour temperature and light layering.  A few simple tricks will easily transform your rooms into inviting, cozy zones perfect for Autumnal afternoons and evenings spent holed up at home with your feet up and a cup of something hot to savor. 

Use layered local lighting in your rooms for the illusion of visual warmth, using a variety of different lights. Careful use of layered lighting will set a mood in every room that’s so subtle, even your guests won’t even be aware of it. 

Why not install a set of wall lights into your rooms to create a stylish, subtle ambience;  positioning these so that they accentuate any design detailing inside. Use these as an alternative to a single intense light source – as scattered multiple low-wattage fixtures which emit a softer overall light.

If you want an easier alternative that doesn’t require an electrician, then why not buy a couple of table and floor lamps to help instantly change the mood of your living room.  Use light-diffusing shaded lamps placed at differing heights and task-specific lamps to create an instantly more cozier and appealing space.

A stylish vertical floor lamp positioned next a comfy chair will create a relaxed and enticing reading zone in your living room. Not only will it create a dramatic focal point, it can lighten up any shadowy unused corners making the room appear larger.  Or alternatively add a desk lamp to the inside a book shelf or wall mounted shelf to illuminate your prized ornaments and introduce indirect, subtle diffused light into the space. 

Mixing cooler and warmer colour temperatures within a room is OK, just try to ensure you use the softer lighting for ambience and visual interest, while using stronger light sources for practicality. Warmer light temperatures naturally feel cozier, comforting and many experts believe this colour temperature helps us to relax and unwind.  Whereas the blue light found in energy efficient light sources and digital devices has a shorter wavelength.  Blue light stimulates our body clock, imitating daylight and making us feel more alert, boosting mood, reaction times and increasing our concentration levels. 

Why not control your lights’ colour temperature by buying light bulbs with different colour temperature ratings?  If you are fortunate enough to have a smart-home automated system it’s very easy to alter the colour temperature in your rooms.  Let’s not forget of course about dimmer switches!  Why not put a lamp on a dimmer switch, so you can easily adjust the level of light into the room.

Irrespective of the season, it’s not just the light bringing interest to your interiors but the light source.  Introduce different designs of lamps to enhance and add further interest to your home styling.  Shades and globes in warmer colors instantly help to make your homes feel cozy.  At Elektra, we have an extensive collection of unique styled floor and tables lamps suited to classic, urban, modern or vintage styled interiors.

A desk lamp, a large statement floor lamp or even a pendant light with a burnished metallic copper shade can create a radiant, visually appealing and tactile Autumnal aesthetic.   Get your home interiors glowing and radiating warmth without even touching your thermostat.

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