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Elektra Ltd is one of Malta’s leaders in the importation and distribution of electrical equipment and light fittings. The company brings with it a broad array of products and solutions together with the knowledge and expertise that comes from over 40 years of experience within the industry.

Due to this constant investment the company enjoys a successful relationship with its foreign who are all global leaders within their respective industries. These long term partnerships have ensured that even in a small market like Malta, brands can find their niche. Elektra provides the customer with high quality products, with ever improving technological advances keeping Malta in line with global developments. 

Our projects

Rolex Boutique

Elektra together with Sean Arrigo and Chris Briffa Architects embarked on a new prestigious project for Edwards Lowell. Edwards Lowell had a vision of opening a Rolex Boutique, the very first of its kind in Malta. Elektra designers and Chris Briffa Architects took into consideration the timeless luxury watchmaker brand and together from concept to design, brought to life an elegant setting in the heart of Valletta.

EY Ltd.

Elektra together with XYZ Architects embarked on a journey to handle the lighting design of EY Ltd. Malta. EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The lighting design gave the new EY offices a fresh new corporate look.

Laparelli Gardens, Valletta

The Valletta Ditch was called ‘Gnien Laparelli’ in tribute to the visionary Italian architect Francesco Laparelli (a former assistant of Michelangelo) who, during the mid 1560’s – following the aftermath of The Great Siege of Malta was instructed by Pope Pius to design and supervise the construction of the city of Valletta.



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