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Versatility, style and functionality make Arteor the innovative answer to the increasingly complex demands of modern buildings.

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Much more than just a wiring accessory, Arteor is the ideal choice for any residential or commercial project.


From the simplicity of white moulded plastic to the sophisticated style of woven metal, Arteor offers an array of stylish finishes that flow from its modular wiring accessories range through to automation devices.


With a complete range of functions and the choice of round or square rockers and modules in white or magnesium, Arteor offers designers and end users endless options in terms of style and functionality.


Arteor Exclusive is a new collection of finishes that has been created to give the finishing touch to extraordinary projects. In addition to the style, colour palette, materials and textures of Arteor Exclusive we also offer a service concept that will meet the highest expectations of planners and developers throughout each stage of their project.

A unique selection of finishes with a quality standard which accepts no compromise.

Should you require further information, do not hesitate to ask our Elektra Experts – Legrand Suppliers for more than 40 years.

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