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So, you finally have your own place to call home. You still can’t help but smile at the end of each workday when you put the key in the lock, kick off your heels, knowing you are home, your home – where a hot steaming shower and the chance to unwind beckons. Your haven, a comfortable and cosy sanctuary which is welcoming, inviting and doesn’t involve dual ownership of the remote control OR dirty laundry littering the floor (unless of course it’s yours!). A world away from those cramped flat shares from your past.

You have spent ages deliberating over your accent colours, scoured nearby antique shops for one off pieces, dedicated whole weekends to up-cycling vintage furniture; enabling you to create a modern, stylish and practical living space which says ‘I’m a fearless, independent woman with an eye on style, who can accomplish anything’.

In fact, the only thing you are unsure about is your lighting and other than buying some cool floor lamps you know it’s becoming one of those jobs you keep putting off for a rainy day. Well, this is where our Elektra team can help. Our lighting experts will cut through the jargon and explain how to enhance your interiors by selecting the correct light fittings and new technologies. Maybe you want to improve your feeling of safety, or reduce costs around your home by installing some motion activated lighting? Perhaps you want to install softer or more dimmed lighting in a few of your rooms?

Whatever your lighting dilemma and whatever your budget – our Elektra team will help you turn your home into a comfortable and relaxing haven. We offer a vast range of ceiling, wall lights to table and floor lamps to revamp your living space.

Wireless Light Fittings – Moves with the user and can be used in any environment.

Fashionable Metallics – Brass, gold and chrome metallic light fittings are very chic. The light up every room with their brilliance and can be easily combined with various styles.

Romantic Lighting – For those who love soft textures and colours that turn every room with a soothing atmosphere.

One with Nature – Light fittings that are iconic, simple and straightforward with design. Fittings that bring about harmony with their touch of natural material.

Retro Ever so Stylish – Go back in time, while at the same time maintain an affinity with the modern world.

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