Benefits of Track Lighting

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Ever thought of using track lighting at home or for your business? 

A great way to light up your environment is to use Track Lighting.  So, what do we mean by track lighting?  Put very simply, track lighting involves a series of light fixtures placed on a ceiling mounted structure.  Customers often choose this lighting system because it’s flexible, economical and practical.  It means you have the opportunity to attach various types of light fixtures to it.  It’s also incredibly versatile because you can place light anywhere on the track.  You can change different positions to alter lighting –or if you want to re-design the layout of furniture in a room.  It offers you bespoke lighting specifically tailored to the needs of your interior space.

The tracks are very adaptable and will enhance your decor, they can be a prominent style detail or more subtle – no matter which style you opt for.  This system is popular because it removes the need to punch through the ceiling.  It only requires one power supply and yet its able to reach all the corners of the room.

Here at Elektra in Malta, our lighting experts can advise you on the best track lighting option that will work for your particular space.  Track Lights can be positioned in various points to suit your interiors at home or at your office or commercial premises.  Our lighting specialists believe track lighting is a great option for illuminating large rooms – as their stylish design also bring a contemporary, stylish aesthetic to any interior.

Benefits of Track Lighting

  • A single track circuit can support LED lights for a very big working range.
  • It is highly customizable. It can be used for any type of lighting application such as ambient lighting, accent lighting or task lighting. Their design will suit the needs of any home, office, retail outlet, commercial or even industrial venue.
  • Track Lighting is easily installed. You can opt for a surface mounted system on the ceiling, suspended or recessed.
  • The track system concentrates light on the most needed areas and therefore offers bespoke lighting tailored to each interior.
  • If you are looking for something aesthetically or visually pleasing track lights offer a minimal system. It offers refined simplicity.
  • The tracks can be invisible to the eye to draw attention to other light fixtures which are of different shapes, sizes and materials.
  • You can have several light fixtures on one rail, and lit up on 3 different circuits.

Track lights are elegant, energy efficient and customizable. Definitely a match made in heaven.

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