Brighten up the heart of your home: The Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most important room in your home. Not only is it a space for preparing family meals, it also acts as a social area and a place to spend time with your loved ones. The right lighting can turn a kitchen into a sociable space for cooking and entertaining, so the more control you have over your lights, the better. With a few different light sources, you can change the mood to suit whatever you’re doing from chopping carrots to creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

Here at Elektra we have an impressive range of kitchen lighting ideas to perfectly light up any style of kitchen. We can help you brighten up the heart of your home with our large selection of kitchen lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for smart LED lighting for your worktops, or contemporary ceiling lighting to illuminate the whole room, we’ve got everything you need to personalise your kitchen at Elektra. 

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Today’s modern kitchens in Malta require more than one type of lighting. As a place to prepare and cook food, your kitchen may also serve as a dining room, a home office and a place where your kids do their homework. 

Lighting design

Where you fix your lights will depend on the size and shape of your kitchen. Effective lighting schemes combine a mix of general, accent and task lighting to provide different levels of illumination whether you’re chopping vegetables, making coffee or reading recipes. Take a look around your kitchen and write down every kitchen function you can think of that needs a light, such as countertops, sinks and cabinets.

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Kitchen spotlights

If you have multiple worktops, you’ll want a flexible lighting option. Kitchen spotlights can be angled, which means you can focus them to light up a particular workspace.

Accent lights

Another great lighting choice in the modern kitchen is accent lighting installed in areas like above and below kitchen cabinets. Under cabinet lights act as both a mood changer and space-saver. Since they are installed underneath the cabinet you save much-needed counter space. You can also use them to change the mood in the kitchen by dimming or brightening the lights.

Flush Mount fixtures

If low ceiling height is an issue for your small kitchen, flush mount lighting mounted directly to the ceiling can be a great way to keep a small space looking stylish. 

Kitchen island lights

Pendant lights are great for hanging over islands to provide task lighting. They can be hung in multiples, pairs, groups of three, or even as a single light fixture. If you are really limited on space, a small sized pendant over the sink will give just enough shine.

When done right, kitchen lighting can look effortless. It’s these little finishing touches that help to make your kitchen feel complete. 

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