Elektra Summer Party

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Time to unwind, chill and relax. A night filled with great food, games, dance moves and good laughs. After days of continuous planning to find the perfect setting to organize the Summer Staff Party the events team found the ideal location. This villa on the outskirts of Mtarfa has breath taking views of the old fortified historical silent city Mdina. Nothing beats having a pool for the squad to play pool games or just chillax like a Queen on a pink flamingo… Just what our team was looking forward to all along… The events team coordinated a fun water game with water balloons whereby some of the toughest joined in to smash and battle each… the best ice breaker before everyone was hitting the dance moves and partying all along. The best was yet to come as everyone enjoyed the freshly made bbq food, from mouth-watering burgers, salmon to angus beef. During such events at Elektra we always make it a priority to give a donation to those who need it the most. Before the event we collected enough prizes to give away against a small donation.

On the day of the party a raffle was organized, and prizes were awarded to the hardworking staff as a thank you for their kind gesture. All the money collected went in aid of Puttinu Cares Foundation. During such events we do our best to make memories that will never be forgotten…

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