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However much we try and bury our head in the sand (literally)…there’s no avoiding the fact that Autumn is well and truly here. At Elektra, we’ve noticed a definite nip in the air as we sadly say goodbye to Summer 2019 and prepare ourselves and our homes for Autumn and Winter.

As the evenings begin to get darker, create a cosy and inviting atmosphere using soft lighting both indoors and outdoors. Just because the temperature has cooled outdoors, it doesn’t mean you should ignore and avoid your outside spaces.  Embrace the change of season and its beautiful splendour, grab a cozy blanket and revel in the joy of watching autumn leaves turn from scorched yellow to the deepest luscious greens.  Shape up your outdoor spaces with stylish lighting and savor time with friends and family outside, especially while its a mosquito free zone.

At Elektra our extensive range of outdoor lights help you create a cozy and inviting ‘green zone’ that you’ll want to spend time in all year long.  

Have you considered adding uplights, downlights or sconces to your outside spaces?   Subtle wired or landscape lighting options like uplights, downlights or sconces can help provide the additional light necessary to warm up your gardens and outside spaces. Plus, uplighters around trees Plus, uplighters around trees will dramatically accentuate your autumn foliage adding light to your luscious landscape.

Path lights provide a simple way for you to update your garden lighting. Be sure to brighten and lighten your pathways once the clocks go back and our daylight hours are shortened.  Choose practical pathway lights – like these ultra-modern styles from Bega .

If you want your outside spaces to be fashion forward – Elektra’s designers suggest using lights which seamlessly transition your interior décor to that of your outside. Why not use outdoor floor lamps which bring a distinct homely feel to your exterior.  Like these stunning designs from Elektra’s new affordable brand, LED C4. Also, Artemide’s, Tolomeo Mega Terra lamp which has a contemporary aesthetic and its adjustable frame lets you alter the lighting to suit your preference; ideal for terraces or outdoor entertaining areas.

If your current outdoor lighting system is old and if you are still using the older style halogen bulbs, why not choose wisely and switch to LEDs? Yes, installing these LED lights will have an upfront outlay, but trust us – think long-term. Led bulbs last a lot longer and can help lower your utility bills over time. Besides, we all need a little help to save money where we can, as we hunker down and
switch the heating up before Christmas!

Watch out for Elektra’s forthcoming blog to discover how to bring warmth and a cozier aesthetic to your home interiors over Autumn with effective and efficient layered lighting.

Elektra, why not visit our store in Qormi where our team are always happy to help.

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