Energy saving tips for your home, office and shop

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We all like to discover innovative solutions which can help us to reduce our energy usage, save money on our bills and effectively keep more cash in our pockets.  Who doesn’t like to save a little?

But when replacing light bulbs and buying new, what do you normally look for?   Hopefully you are now fully aware of the money to be saved by using energy efficient light bulbs.   This is an easy and simple way to conserve energy used in the workplace, at home or at any commercial space.   At Elektra we’d recommend you switch from the traditional incandescent bulbs to energy efficient ones such as the CFL or LED.   This will reduce the amount of electricity you use – also when using energy efficient lighting it cuts down on your maintenance costs because the bulbs last much longer and don’t require replacing as frequently.

If you want to discover ways to save even more money, then we’d also recommend Presence Sensors.  These sensors are simple energy saving controls which can help you meet energy reduction targets in new and existing buildings.  They may provide ‘standalone’ control of a single luminaire, a full lighting circuit, or may form part of a building wide control system. When using the right type of sensor in the right location, it can help cut down on times when lighting is left on unnecessarily.

Another tip to help you save on your electricity and water bills is to invest in a water heater timer. By setting a water heater timer during peak hours, you can reduce your usage, saving money on utilities. When you combine a water heater, make sure you take into account the tank size and installation processes to allow you to cut water heater consumption drastically.

Light Dependant Relays are another simple but effective device that help reduce the cost of your energy bills. This light is switched on depending on the ambient light level, the time of day or a combination of both. Light dependant relays switch on lights as soon as the ambient light level falls below a set threshold, guaranteeing you comfort even on the darkest of days!

Don’t forget to watch our video blog on this subject too, presented by Daniel – one of our experts here at Elektra.

So, if you are keen to keep more money in your wallet and cut down on excess energy usage at the same time,  speak to our team at Elektra today and save the right way!

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