Fancy a little something on the side? 6 ways to use side tables.

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Our team at Elektra have exciting news to share with all of you. We’ve launched our new selection of side tables, which you can pair up with our extensive range of beautiful table lamps. Side tables really are functional furniture, as they provide you with comfort in your living area without dominating the space; helping you organize your room a little better.  Having a place to put a drink, a tablet or even a magazine is ideal.  So, in honour of our new exciting range, we have prepared some tips on creative ways you can make these side tables improve your space.

Shelf Units:

If you have limited space and you cannot opt for a proper bookcase, shelf units let you stack books and treasured items all together. You can add that extra touch and style to your room with a sturdy shelf unit.

Small appliance stand:

At Elektra we suggest that even if your kitchen is small with limited space, a small side table can provide an additional platform for you to place a toaster, coffee machine or even a teapot. If you have a small space, full workstations are limited and hard to find and this might clutter things up as well.

Night Stands:

Side tables look great as night stands beside your bed, they will also help make your bedroom look and feel larger than it actually is.  This probably explains why night stands are one of the most popular uses for side tables.  At Elektra, we know people may sometimes overlook bedside tables as they opt for small cabinets.

Under Desk Storage:

If you are fortunate enough to have a home office, a side table tucked under a desk makes for a great place to position your printer or scanner, without using up extra desktop space.   Especially as nowadays it can be difficult to find places with a large amount of space.

Indoor Plant Stands:

Are you passionate about gardening?  Do you love the energy that having indoor plants around your house brings? Are you looking for the right side table to stack your beautiful plants?  Why not add a few nesting tables in those corners that need a bit of TLC and instantly update their look?  Add that little bit of green energy into your home with the right use of side tables.

Pushed Together:

Add a contemporary touch to your living spaces and opt for nesting tables. Nesting tables are one of the most useful and flexible furnishings you can have in your home. They are hugely versatile because the tables can be neatly stacked together, making a small space in your home appear larger. They can be used as coffee tables in front of sofas when guests arrive.  Also, they create a unique layout which brings about an interesting feel to the room.

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