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Are you looking for innovative ways to improve your home lighting? Then look no further as here at Elektra, we have a professional team of sales consultants who are ready to assist you and guide you to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the right recessed lighting.

A recessed light is typically installed into an opening in the ceiling. For those who are not yet familiar with the concept they are flush with the ceiling, making it seem like the light is coming from a hole in the ceiling. Most of the time, recessed ceiling light or recessed lighting is usually associated with the term “downlighting”. However, several architects, interior designers and lighting experts have also incorporated recessed lighting into walls and the floor (uplighting), too.

Pochette – Flos

The Pochette by Rodolfo Dordoni is a good example of recessed wall lights. These lights are actually quite powerful and provide unique functionality along with aesthetic value.

Understand how modern recessed lighting works
Our team of experts suggest that it is very important to comprehend the functionality and structure of this type of lighting. Here’s a quick look at the essential components and different types of recessed lights:

1. Housing
The housing consists of the lamp or light source, the mounting component and electrical parts.

2. Trim
The most important thing to consider when choosing the trim is gauging whether it corresponds with the housing. The trim is what adds the aesthetic value to the light.

3. Lamp
The lamps to be used would be defined by the trim and housing, but here are some varieties of lamps to consider:

• Incandescent
• LED recessed lighting: These are known to be long-lasting and very efficient
• Fluorescent: Highly efficient and apt for general lighting

It is crucial to define the purpose of recessed lighting that is where you intend to use it. Here are a few modern recessed lighting ideas, tips, scenarios or areas where you could use this type of lighting effectively:
1. In the office or study – Above the desk for effective task lighting
2. In the living room or bedroom – General lighting aimed at brightening up the room

Skygarden – Flos


Pochette – Flos

Foglio – Flos

3. In the kitchen – Above the sink or the kitchen platform for task lighting

If you want to create charm in different rooms around your house spice it up with modern recessed lighting. Some love to add a dimmer to their contemporary recessed lighting. This allows for greater control over the lights, enables you to adjust the brightness and intensity depending on the time of the day, specific needs at any given point of time and the elements you wish to highlight.

We look forward to see you at our showroom in Qormi do discuss further and give your space that extra charm it deserves!

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