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Home Automation has grown in popularity since the late 90’s, early noughties with 'smart homes' becoming more accessible and affordable.

MyHome_Up welcomes you to simplicity.

Home Automation has grown in popularity since the late 90’s, early noughties with ‘smart homes’ becoming more accessible and affordable. Savvy consumers understand the value of controlling their home appliances & tech remotely; saving them time and energy – safeguarding their security and making their homes more economical and productive.

Now, the UK technology pioneer Legrand has developed a single app to easily associate devices, and to control and personalise all MyHome_Up functions.   Elektra are showcasing this MyHome Automation System by Legrand at the MFCC Malta Trade Fair, Ta’ Qali, Malta, up until 7th July.  Come and discover how easily you can integrate this technology into your home in Malta.  Plus, we have an amazing event offer too, when you purchase this home automation system at the trade fair you’ll get 20% of your spend BACK in Elektra Vouchers – redeemable on full price lighting and wiring accessories. T&Cs Apply.  Plus, we also have some unmissable trade fair discounts too – up to 25% OFF selected light fittings and 25% OFF Legrand wiring accessories.

Visitors to the event will see for themselves how easily the MyHOME_Up simplifies home automation for installers and users, integrating all essential services for a modern home – such as energy and temperature control, lighting, shading, audio and door entry – into one system.   Even from the outset it saves you time and money, because the MyHOME_Up can be installed after just one day’s training and can be wired in a similar time-frame – quick and easy!

MyHOME_Up | Home control app

It is also easily compatible with your smart devices as Legrand’s free to download MyHOME_Up app is available on Android and iOS devices. This smart home app effectively acts as a remote alternative to a wired control panel whether you are at home or away. The app provides easy to follow on-screen instructions to allow the installer to associate a device to a function in just two steps.   This lets users easily manage all the home automation functions and create and customise smart actions based on the homeowners lifestyle.

Users can easily control home functions directly and create their very own scenarios from the app, with any mobile device:

  • Scheduling – Activated based on a set date and time.
  • Events – Run depending on system event or weather condition.
  • Geo-location – Based on location.

Here are the unique benefits of the Legrand MyHome system:

  • Integration – All the different systems, like lighting and sound, are based on the same 2 wire simplified cabling system (SCS) so they can be integrated with ease. This reduces programming time, complexity and problems
  • Uniformity – Conventional devices, such as powerpoints, share the same design aesethic as automation control devices, so all switch plates work in harmony
  • Modularity – You can just install the functions you require and don’t have to invest in a huge complex system that will never be properly utilised. This makes it much more cost effective for users.
  • Expandability – The system is scaleable and can be expanded at any time. So, you may want to start out with lighting control and a video intercom system, and then add the sound diffusion and temperature control systems at a later date.
  • Ease of use – It’s the easiest system to use.

With MyHome_up users can decide when and how they want to be notified that a scenario has completed.  Want to find out how easily you could integrate the MyHome Automation System into your home?  Then call our Elektra team on 25463000 or email us on

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