How office lighting can boost your productivity

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What makes an office more productive? At Elektra we definitely know a thing or two about good lighting. As we always say poor lighting is one of the most common interior design mistakes. Poor lighting is stressful and annoying in any room especially in a home office or in business setting.

Bad lighting affects all the people in the room, and many a times employees are not looking forward to work in an environment that is either too bright or too dim. Being backed up with industry knowledge, we know for a fact that improper lighting in the office negatively affects the workers’ productivity and the quality of the work produced. Having a room with little light can make it difficult to see and it will make room for more accidents and injuries to happen. Poor lighting will increase headaches, fatigue and eye strain that is caused by too much or too little light.

You are probably asking – what type of office lighting should I choose for my office? There are a combination of different lighting options that will help you create a properly lit working atmosphere. All the different options come with their specific purpose as well as pros and cons.

We are here to suggest a few tips and tricks to consider for your office:

Natural Light
Windows are highly valuable in any building. In offices such rooms with natural light tend to be for executives. Besides adding a view, windows provide invaluable natural light. Natural light affects the mood and behaviour. Those who are exposed to it at their workplace tend to feel more satisfied and productivity increases. However, natural light is always option. Therefore, our experts are here to help you create and mimic natural light as much as possible.

Overhead Lighting
Overhead lighting should not be the only source of light in your office. This type of lighting tends to cause shadows or are a bit dim as it is not the brightest. If an office has fluorescent/LED overhead lights, corrective or ambient lighting should be added to help reduce the discomfort.

Task Lighting
Task lighting comes in effectively when your office lacks sufficient natural and overhead lights. On your desk next to your laptop or keyboard you should place a small table or desk lamp to provide that extra lighting right where you or your employees might need it. This will result in better lighting, reduces eye stress and in return it will help you or employees to be more productive. We also suggest that for adequate lighting LED task light or lamps are made to mimic natural light.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting is soft and subtle, this comes in handy when you or your employees are facing a difficult or stressful situation at work. It is soothing and calming, as it has low intensity that helps create a peaceful atmosphere. This kind of lighting with low intensity is used as general lighting.

Corrective Lighting
If you are a person that stays glued to your desk day in day out for hours at a time can cause eye strain and even migraines. We suggest that you place corrective lighting behind your monitor. This can help immensely as it will diminish the glare that will be come from the screen.

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