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So, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief, because after what seems like months of wrangling and legal to-ing and fro-ing you now have the keys to your new place.   You know it’s going to be an amazing home and have ambitious plans for it. Whether you’re moving in solo or with a partner or family, remember that Elektra offers a range of electrical products and supportive services to ensure you can easily and swiftly settle into any property.    

Schneider Electric Ovr+surge protection single phase

Schneider Electric Ovr+Surge protection 3 phase

Schneider Electric consumer unit 3 phase 4

Schneider Electric consumer unit 3 phase 2

Schneider Electric consumer unit 3 phase 1

Complete Schneider Electric consumer unit single phase 8

Complete Schneider Electric consumer unit single phase 4

Complete Schneider Electric consumer unit single phase 1

Schneider Electric Automatic restart single phase

Schneider Electric Acti9 complete range domestic single phase

Are you moving into a property that’s in need of some rewiring or one with outdated electrical distribution boards?  If so, we can help. The Schneider Electric range we sell is renowned worldwide and favoured by electricians for offering time-saving, safe, electrical wiring solutions for modern homes and businesses. 

Maybe you’re looking to update some of the older switches or sockets so you’ll have the power, safety and functionality required in your new home?  If so, get switched onto Legrand – whose state of the art wiring accessories provide smart, modern multi-functional solutions. Their extensive product range comes in a range of styles.  Legrand have completely revolutionized the switches and sockets of today. Check out our newly designed display section in store – you won’t believe the amount of different functionalities and finishes on offer.

Need to install a home automation system or an intercom system?  Or, invest in some smart cost-cutting devices, like a water-meter timer or LED motion activated lighting?   Well, the point of moving in is a great time to invest in and install these, helping you make those energy savings from the get-go.  Once again, our teams at Elektra can advise and help you with all of this.

Many of you will be familiar with Elektra’s lighting showroom in Qormi and our amazing range of lighting products from talented designers worldwide.   But, don’t forget our technical teams based on site offer an extensive range of electrical services and solutions.   

Our talented technicians, engineers and designers work on many domestic and high-profile corporate lighting projects, and so bring unrivalled knowledge and expertise with them.   Especially when it comes to designing, selecting and installing lighting, automated technologies or electrical solutions – specifically designed around the properties particular requirements or needs.

Maybe peace of mind is what you are after and you want to purchase some safeguarding systems for your home?   Like UPS devices, so that you can continue to use your technology and devices during a power cut, when the grid has gone down.   Giving you the security to know you can close down your devices safely and securely, and during that interim time protect all that valued personal data.

When it comes to home protection, because of our temperamental Autumn weather systems more and more customers are looking to install technology such as storm protection devices, which safeguard your building, its contents and your loved ones from the danger of direct lightning strikes.  

At Elektra, we know moving into a new property can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why our teams of experts are happy to share our insight whilst helping you to lighten the load.  Visit or call our Qormi store, where our teams are always on hand and happy to help.

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