Lighting trends to look out for in 2023

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With a list full of unexpected twists and turns, 2023 appears to have something for everyone and every room. So if you don't want to wait till next year to find out, read up to keep up with the latest interior design trends in lighting.

As we approach the end of 2022, we look ahead to see what lighting trends will emerge in 2023. While globe lights, gold fixtures, and minimalist pendants dominated in 2022, what will 2023 bring?

To help you visualise the top lighting trends for 2023, we’ve compiled a list of styles to keep on your radar.

Sculptural Statements

Blurring the lines between art and functionality, sculptural statement lighting is the perfect way to add an interesting visual element. Ideal for those with limited space, sculptural lighting instantly adds depth and character to various settings. Liberated from the restraints of incandescent lighting thanks to new LED technologies, designers have all the creative freedom to create unique lighting pieces befitting a museum. Some honourable mentions in this category include the iconic Big Bang, Biagio, and Cosmic Angels.

Space-Age Lighting

Like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, space-age lighting might appeal more to the bold and daring. Ideal for eclectic and retro interior design lovers, space-age lighting will ironically bring a futuristic touch to your home. Distinguished by funky shapes, you can expect to find this style of lighting in a variety of bold colours. If you want to add that post-modernist vibe to your home, you should definitely consider Flos as a starting point. Their iconic Taccia and Snoopy table lamps are ideal candidates for the job. Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967, these designers simply hit the mark for this style of lighting.

Portable Lighting

There’s no denying that wireless is the way of the future. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, portable table lamps give you the flexibility to create a comforting atmosphere anywhere. With a battery life of up to 24 hours, you don’t have to worry about the lights going off in the middle of a romantic dinner or while entertaining your friends. With countless options to choose from, we believe Come Together, TeTaTeT, and Bon Jour will definitely stand out in 2023.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability will undoubtedly continue to take centre stage in the coming years. The fight against climate change today has gone beyond the need for more energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Attention now turns to the fixtures themselves. Now that eco-friendly materials like rattan, wicker and wood are popular, it’s easy to give your home an earthly feel with less impact on the environment. You can also opt for a lighting fixture made from recycled materials, such as Morgana from OLE!

Art-Deco Style

Art-deco has definitely made a comeback, and it is here to stay. This interior design, which started in France in the 1930s, is known for its clean geometric shapes and touches of gold and brass that make it hard to resist. Loved for its symmetry, sleekness, and repetitive elements, art-deco lighting will surely be a staple of this decade.

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