Lighting Up The Man Cave

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You finally have your own place or space and you are determined to create a stylish bachelor pad, which is a statement of who you are. Somewhere relaxing, and welcoming; a comfortable and modern haven for you to entertain in (whether it’s the boys coming over to watch the game OR the first time you cook her a meal in your apartment).

Women have an innate easy knack for personalizing their rooms, but for us guys it’s often a man cave; spaces decked out in sports memorabilia, movie posters or stacked high with computer games – creating a male sanctuary. But it needs to set the right tone; forget the days of your student digs and your teenage bedroom because this space needs to announce how far you’ve evolved since then.

So, how can you set the mood with the right light fittings and new technologies? If you want to create a modern male domain, then contact our lighting and design experts at Elektra. We appreciate picking out fixtures and fittings isn’t how most guys would want to spend their Sunday mornings. That’s why our Elektra team can save you the hassle and quickly shed light on the best light fittings to illuminate corners and to really accentuate your furniture.

You spent ages online tracking down that vintage memorabilia, arty movie posters and album covers – which are great when it comes to decorating. But if some of your posters are hanging on a wall then you really need the correct display lighting to make them noticeable and to give them maximum impact. At Elektra, we know that if you invest in some well-placed lighting fixtures you can turn your favourite room into a stylish and modern man cave.

Our lighting experts will quickly help you find the correct lighting, that can turn a cold room into a comfy relaxing zone which you actually want to spend time in – either by yourself or with your friends. We offer a vast range of ceiling, wall lights to table and floor lamps to revamp your space.

ArtemideThe collections convey a unique mix of values: the approach to human and responsible light goes hand in hand with design and material savoir faire, combining next-generation technology with ancient wisdom, a perfect expression of sustainable design.

DCW éditionsProvides objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have three things in common: honest objects, well conceived, well designed, well made.

FLOSOffers iconic lighting fixtures as sculptures, balancing acts of form, playing games.

Davide GroppiOffers lamps that are never born simply as lamps, but as the need to give shape to a need or a meaning.

Delta Light – Presents innovative lighting designs with subtle blend of ambiance, elegance, functionality, and design, both in interior and exterior lighting.

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