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Looking for some living room lighting inspiration? Keep across interior fashions and light innovations and spice up your living room space using latest light fitting designs.

Don’t you agree,  that your living room is the most dynamic space in your home? For many of us, it’s the heart of our home, the most ‘living’ space in our entire house.  Maybe you use it as a chill-out area after a hard day’s work, where you can relax on the sofa spending time with your loved ones. Perhaps you use it for entertaining family and friends, watching TV, or for catching up on your favourite book. Besides making sure it is a functional space, don’t forget the importance of living room lighting.

Our Elektra lighting experts suggest using a combination of lighting to create the ultimate lighting experience for your living room.  Use ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to achieve functional, personalized, versatile lighting –  all of which will help you illuminate your living space the right way, according to your personal needs.

Ambient Lighting

Many of us regard ‘ambient lighting’ as general lighting, because it refers to the light which illuminates the entire room.  As well as being an important way in which to brighten your space, the benefits of ambient lighting is that it helps you offset the brightness from task lights and will also help soften the glare from computer screens and televisions. When you have a room using multiple light sources,  ambient lighting helps to even out the light and lessen the strain on your eyes.

You can add ambient lighting by placing table and floor lamps around your living room space to accentuate design features and brighten up dark corners. But for the best results and to efficiently light up your living space, you should consider ceiling lighting. Our team suggests using flush or semi-flush mount ceiling lights which are centered in the room. This creates diffused light that will spread across your room. If you are after a design statement, chandeliers or large decorative light pendants offer the same effect.

With ambient lighting you can create an additional level of control to ensure you can always set the right lighting mood, by using a dimmer switch – rather than the traditional on and off switch. This lets you control the intensity of the light by moving the dimmer to change from bright, generous light and down to subtle light for when you want to unwind whilst lounging or watching the television.

Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to the type of light which offers focused directional light.  For example. when you are carrying out activities like using your laptop or tablet or while reading. Don’t underestimate the importance of this type of lighting, because more and more of us are using smart devices as we unwind at home and so supportive task lighting is really important to give us the necessary illumination to perform these tasks safely, thereby reducing eye-strain. Keep in mind that this kind of lighting is localized and used occasionally when required.

If you are looking for task lighting, table lamps and floor lamps with an adjustable head are the ideal solution to provide task lighting in your living room. If you enjoy reading on your sofa or armchair, place the reading table lamp alongside it,  to distribute the right amount of light for you to read or study.   An arc floor lamp also works well because this can be positioned behind your seating area, to distribute the weight at the base of the light. If space is limited, but you would still love to have a task lamp, then opt for an adjustable one which can be installed on the wall offering the same function.

Accent Lighting

You’re almost done, as this is the final layer of light that you might need for your living room.  Accent lighting is a great way to add that little bit of drama and visual interest to your space. It can help eliminate any brightness emitting from task lighting. Accent light fixtures help highlight artworks or pictures on your walls, focusing attention to any architectural features and accentuating any design detail.  A positive benefit of these lights is that they often make the room feel larger, because dark corners or areas are given new life through illumination. If you are the type of person that adores to balance things out, accent lighting helps tone down task lighting while keeping the right ambience in the living room, creating  a more relaxed and homely atmosphere.

If you are not much of a reader and use your living room for chill-out moments, you might consider placing table lamps or floor lamps in corners to add additional light to corners which are not reached by ambient light. If you have a small living room,  our lighting experts also suggest adding accent light to dark areas by using either track lighting or recessed lighting. These lights can be easily placed along the perimeter of the room and you can then decide where to direct the light on those hard to light areas.

If you like practicality, then track lighting is an ideal way to highlight furnishings and other details within your room. Each track head can be positioned individually. Wall lights are also a great way to add accent lighting into a living room as they reflect light off the walls to enhance ambient light.

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