Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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You love spending time outside with family or friends? Who doesn’t really? This warm weather makes you step outside in your outdoor space to enjoy your garden, terrace or roof top. Don’t you just love the breeze while the sun sets and then the outdoor lights switch on.

Definitely good lighting is required to be able to see what you’re doing especially while entertaining at home. Good lighting makes the place look nicer while creating the perfect atmosphere. Here you can find 8 outdoor lighting ideas to revamp your outdoor area.  

Wireless Table Lamps 

Make the most of your outdoor space, while enjoying an al-fresco cocktail and platters while unwinding from your busy day. Nothing creates a warmer ambience than these small wireless table lamps that you can carry anywhere with you. They are not only safe but they come with a contemporary modern design that adds aesthetic value. Light up your outdoor area and create a romantic atmosphere that will make you stay there until the sun rises the following morning.  

Hide away strip of Led Lights  

Create a modern look which will transform your outdoor area in a place of pure relaxation and entertainment which can be enjoyed all day long especially at night. The strip of led lights create design and a calm atmosphere that brighten up the space. Give definition to your outdoor area and accentuate the design element.  


Don’t you just love to create a statement! We all do don’t we. Uplighters are an idea solution to light up the façade. Create a dramatic look by placing them against your walls and even under your trees or plants.  

Globes, orbs and sphere 

Create a dreamy atmosphere with globes, orbs and spheres in your garden or terrace. These globes can be placed on the floor in a cluster creating soft ambiance or else they can be hung either individually or in a cluster. You’ll definitely turn your space into a magical one that both family and friends will enjoy time and time again.  

Floor Lamps 

Iconic floor lamps are the go-to lamps to create a dramatic look and feel to your outdoor area. They are generally sized but slender and provide flexibility and style.  

Pendant Lights 

If you have a dining area on your roof top or garden area you can add pendant lights and have them hung over to have the perfect lighting over your meal while you can converse the night away.  

Wall Lights 

For your outdoor area wall lights are a must, they provide security and peace of mind. Different styles and functionality for your outdoor space can be add to brighten up your outdoors.  


Create accent lighting with wall lantern lights which provide soft lighting while adding architectural details and décor. Your windows, arches and walls can be transformed by attaching a few lanterns to create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space. There are various styles too choose from, from traditional to contemporary lanterns 

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