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We all enjoy al-fresco dining and relaxation at home during the summer.  Once the warm weather hits, the smell of burning charcoal in the air is enchanting as we dust off the BBQ’s and put the drinks on ice – ready for some pleasurable feasting and fun outdoors and under the sun.    

Make the most of your gardens, terraces and outside entertainment areas with some choice lighting from Elektra.  Sometimes, we spend so much time prioritizing our interior décor that we forget about our outdoor living space.

Now as we prepare for summer and anticipate balmy afternoons and evenings spent with family and friends enjoying our gardens and terraces – then shift your focus to illuminating your cherished spaces.  

Bring some brightness, charm and character with Elektra’s modern lighting designs – whether you’re looking for landscape lighting to add a subtle, diffused look or wall lighting to dramatically illuminate distinct garden design features – our team at Elektra can help.

Elektra’s outdoor lighting options will brighten and beautify any outside spaces –irrespective of its size: whether you’ve a spacious pool area, a majestic balcony or a quirky courtyard.

Ideas to revamp your outdoors.

Wall Lights  

 Wall lights are a must because they shed light, while granting you an  improved sense of safety and security. If you have a large garden or pool – why not choose from our extensive range of wall lights which offer different styles and functionality.  What’s more, they are easily installed, so in a short amount of time you can quickly brighten your great outdoors.

Landscape Lighting  

 The best landscape lighting should be subtle & understated as its role is to enhance the character of your surroundings, shedding light on the design elements of your outdoor spaces.  This is where our Elektra team like to get technical – because subtlety requires careful attention and planning. Landscape lights let you appreciate and emphasize the character of your outside spaces, whether it’s dusk or the darkest night. This type of lighting is usually best hidden in bushes or behind rock formations and positioned to fully accentuate leaves in tall trees or a textural wall.

When positioned correctly, landscape lighting illuminates your space and dramatically draws attention to design detailing; spotlights will cast captivating shadows and also draw attention to other aspects of your garden, patio, pool or terrace. Path or deck lighting – improves your accessibility once night falls, enabling you to safely navigate your way through outside spaces.

If you’d like to bring a unique, modern look to your outdoor area– then why not try Recessed Outdoor Light – which can be sunken into the ground, deck or driveway.  They are fantastic for security and provide a dramatic decorative function – highlighting plants, trees and other outdoor features and illuminating them from the ground up.  Good wiring is extremely important for floor recessed installations.

Whatever the style or vibe of your outdoor living space; whether it’s a zen like rock garden or an exuberant entertainment space; rest assured that at Elektra we have a variety of light fixtures guaranteed to stylishly improve and illuminate your landscape.  Our lighting specialists can help you select the correct bollard or recessed wall lights to serve your purpose.

Decorative Lighting
Every outdoor space needs some sort of lighting. Not only will it improve the exterior look of your home, but once these spaces have the necessary improved lighting – you’ll be amazed at how much time you want to spend outside – while in the luxury of your own home!  

Relish in the joy of alfresco dining, make time to marvel at magical sunsets (full wine glass is optional!).  Decorative lighting really does let you adore your great outdoors.

Overhead lighting is a popular choice for ambient lighting outdoors – just as it is inside your home.  Whatever style you prefer, rest assured you’ll find a pendant light which harmoniously blends to the style of your outdoor space at Elektra.

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