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September is here, which means it’s back to school month for many students on the island. We bet that by now you have prepared all the necessary things for you to work and take with you to school.  But have you given any serious thought about lights? Why lights? Well, here at Elektra we definitely know a thing or two about good lighting, especially how important it is to your performance when working on assignments or studying or even working in your office.

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Lighting should be an essential part of your study or office regime. Good lighting will definitely make your life so much easier – helping you to stay alert and inspired, whereas bad lighting can make you tired, demotivated and may negatively influence your studies, leading to poor results.

So, we hear you ask… what is the best light for studying? Without a shadow of a doubt – you must try to avoid shadows.   The best light for study is always natural light, so we suggest that you place your desks close to a window.  However, we realise many students have more time to study at night… And if you are one of those night owls be sure to read on carefully, so you can make your studying life a whole lot easier.

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If you want to keep up with your student workload and avoid getting tired easily, then good lighting needs to become an essential part of your study environment.   Experts agree that you should try to avoid light that shines solely from one light source, because when you study it is very important to avoid shadows.   Also, having the correct colour temperature can make a big difference too when you are spending hours studying, because you’ll want to remain fresh and energized as much as possible.

Good lighting will comfort your eyes, especially after a long day in class. Research has shown that being exposed to a lot of blue lighting (the type you get from phones, tablets and screens) before you go to bed can be disruptive to your sleep patterns.  So, at night if you switch your light temperature to a warmer tone to try and combat this, this will help to improve your sleep quality, once your head finally hits that pillow.

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We also suggest that your study room incorporates layers of lighting. Even though you may think task lighting is enough, the use of overhead lighting with focused lighting coming from a desk lamp will make it much easier for your eyes while reading. Focused light on its own might be a little bit too harsh, so it is always better to seek more balance from the lighting you use.

Our lighting experts say avoid shadows at all costs, as these may in fact be harsh to adjust to when you look away from the task lighting. It is important to add a good number of lamps to help you reduce and avoid eye strain as much as possible.  Besides, poor lighting can turn any sized space into a cramped, depressing and stressful environment.  Therefore, if you really want to be productive and excel in your studies make sure you choose the right ambient and task lighting to create a calm, creative and productive study area.

For more information and guidance visit our Elektra showroom in Qormi, where our lighting experts will be happy to assist you!

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