We are proud of our comprehensive portfolio of projects which conveys Elektra's optimum quality products and solutions in the electrical and lighting industry. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This allows us to build strong relationships with our customers. We have succeeded across the board, from domestic and commercial projects to industrial ones. Below is a sample of such projects.

Dolmen Hotel - Lobby Area Refurbishment

Dolmen Hotel appointed the Elektra Design Team to handle all the lighting design prerequisites for the refurbishment of their lobby area. The project took a number of weeks from planning to completion.

It involved various works to be carried out both on the lobby ceilings and walls to enhance the lighting, while giving the area a vibrant and modern look. The main lobby serves as an entrance to the rest of the hotel and therefore, it was a must that it should appear inviting and impressive. It was agreed upon that the main entrance should portray a welcoming feeling rather than an institutional one. The team paid close attention to the architecture of the space as it had to be enhanced through the lighting of the lobby.

Daylight was another important factor to the entrance of the lobby as the eye has a more difficult time to adjust to different levels of light, hence the lobby must be used as a transition space. Integrated daylight is the easiest way to balance the light levels inside the lobby with the light levels outside. The lobby has a large space that daylight can penetrate far into.

Lobby Area

Reception Area


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The Athenaeum Spa, Corinthia Palace

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