We are proud of our comprehensive portfolio of projects which conveys Elektra's optimum quality products and solutions in the electrical and lighting industry. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This allows us to build strong relationships with our customers. We have succeeded across the board, from domestic and commercial projects to industrial ones. Below is a sample of such projects.

Laparelli Gardens, Valletta

The Valletta Ditch was called ‘Gnien Laparelli’ in tribute to the visionary Italian architect Francesco Laparelli (a former assistant of Michelangelo) who, during the mid 1560’s – following the aftermath of The Great Siege of Malta was instructed by Pope Pius to design and supervise the construction of the city of Valletta.

On its completion Valletta was later described as one of the best fortified cities in the world and today the fortifications of Valletta form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fast forward to our present day, this project forms part of the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation which also includes: The Tritons Square Project, St Elmo regeneration, the completion of the Valletta entrance project, the new Parliament building and the open theater at Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Castille Square and the current projects on the regeneration of Marsamxett.

Our Elektra team oversaw the lighting concept for this regeneration designed by Franck Franjou Lighting Designer , ensuring the garden seamlessly blends into its surroundings through the extensive use of Maltese hardstone. The intention was to use modern technology to reflect and accentuate on historic detailing from our celebrated past.

This distinguished project is accessible through a staircase and a lift next to the parliament building. After months of hard work and considered careful planning – visitors can now fully admire the entrance to Malta’s most beautiful gem, Valletta.

This prestigious lighting project lets the public appreciate the City Gate and observe the wonder of the ditch’s historic architecture. Preserving this historical detail within a recreational setting, so visitors admire architecture which has withstood the test of time, while reflecting on the echoes of our past bastions and battles.

BEGA and Performance in Lighting outdoor lights were supplied by Elektra to focus attention on the City Gate, by assuring the right ambiance come nightfall, while also guaranteeing safety and security for visitors. Strategic planning was required, to ensure the public had well-lit passages, benches and steps. Light was a valuable resource, used for safety as well as to enhance decor and architectural design and also for landscaping.

Both brands offer a successful mix of technology, functionality and design. This project was brought to fruition with the latest LED technology that has redefined and created undreamt-of possibilities for designing with light. Elektra ensures the use of reliable and quality brands that withstand the maximum possible service life. These brands as a matter of conviction are known to use durable, non-wearing materials in their optical systems and prefer to opt for durable materials such as glass, silicone and aluminum.

A combination of wall mounted lighting and floodlights were used to create the necessary light to highlight the arches and the bastions. The path lights were carefully chosen to accentuate the pathways and easily guide visitors as they navigated their route through the gardens. A selection of complementary styles were chosen by our designers. The garden needed proper illumination for the plantings, to showcase special design features by up-lighting focal plants and bushes.

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