We are proud of our comprehensive portfolio of projects which conveys Elektra's optimum quality products and solutions in the electrical and lighting industry. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This allows us to build strong relationships with our customers. We have succeeded across the board, from domestic and commercial projects to industrial ones. Below is a sample of such projects.

Rosselli - AX Privilege

Elektra Ltd along with Forward Architects had the opportunity to work on the prestigious Rosselli AX Privilege – a unique 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Valletta. A unique gem in the historic Baroque city from the by-gone days of the 17th century. The Casa Rosselli-Massa was lately revamped into a serene, designer, exclusive and indulgent hotel.

Elektra Ltd together with the distinguished Forward Architects were entrusted with the careful lighting selection. The sensational project was supplied with architectural and designer lighting. This brought the palazzo Casa Rosselli-Massa back to life with a whole new beating heart.

The lights from Elektra’s extensive Brand Portfolio revamped the entire palazzo to match with its timeless elegance and uniqueness. FLOS was carefully selected to inspire and enchant those who walk through the hotel Lounge Area. Looking up towards the skylight the String of Lights by FLOS will transport you on a journey of sweet twinkle. The soft furnishings are brought to life by the magnificent diffused light by IC Lights floor lamps. The brass finished lamps give that extra touch to the marble mosaic flooring and velvet textures. IC Light wall lights are featured on three different levels to maintain that look and feel of elegant touch throughout.

The luxurious restored historical suites blend between traditional and contemporary. Kelvin Edge Wall Support by Flos was selected as it is an adjustable table lamp providing direct light. Kelvin worked very well as a bedside lamp as the optical switch sensor placed on the head provides a 3-step dimming function and colour temperature adjustment. All this detail gives the suites at Rosselli a touch of class.

On the other hand, Button by Flos was selected as an indoor wall light to provide diffused light in the staircase. This type of lighting gives prominence and creates a functional and an aesthetically captivating solution for a practical and safe way.

Flos also illuminated the bathrooms with the Glo Ball wall light an ideal solution for many functions, from grooming to relaxing. This type of bathroom lighting is both task oriented and alluring at the same time.

The staircase is lit up with Delta Light, a staple brand known for integrating light into small- and large-scale projects. The Vizir Flemish gold luminaires add refinement, finesse and colour, a design element that not only catches the eye but also adds life to the space. Finnline profiles by Delta Light were used as they are excellent to form indirect clean light accents to emphasize the borders since it is softer to eliminate the glare. For accent lighting the team carefully planned to use the Spy family from Delta light as it is minimal, functional and versatile. This type of design meets multiple lighting requirements as it was a perfect fit for Rosselli.

The Streamliner 70L Flemish gold profiles were used in one of the hotel’s corridors, it is performance driven made-to-measure profile. This profile is distinct from any other profile as its installation is different with 60cm profile.
Timeless design was accentuated with Want-It by Delta Light which is a new range of wall luminaires. They have slightly curved edges which provide a subtle twist to the design, while also creating a nicely delineated light pattern on the wall.

Don Pietro, one of the Executive Rooms offers inspirational design showcasing the Superloop by Delta Light. The Flemish gold Superloop is both functional as well as decorative with the ability to diffuse light all around the room.

Ultimately, Davide Groppi as a brand helps to bring out inspiration while it seduces and excites those who experience its light. Davide Groppi Infinito lights were used in the bespoke Grain restaurant within the hotel to accentuate the food experience while dining. Infinito indirect lighting as a system helps to dematerialise the idea of the lamp and turns everything into something else as it only leaves a trace, a line, a light and ultimately, creates a spatial concept. The Infinito system was also used in the hotels corridors and the luxury room Sixteen 34 Suite. Sampei by Davide Groppi was also carefully placed on one of the floors to illuminate a set of armchairs while contributing to the touch of design.

Duralamp, Ivela and other selected brands where chosen to furnish the rest of the rooms.


Photography by Brian Grech

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