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We all want to feel safe in our homes, right?  Well, relax in the knowledge that your home is a safe environment by ensuring your electrical systems are up-to-date offering you undisturbed power supply.  It is essential to perform regular installation upgrades.  Schneider Electric’s industry leading technology help you achieve a higher safety level, while giving you peace of mind.   We all want to rest easy in our beds at night and with Schneider Electric’s technology you can relax and cherish the time spent with your family and friends in a safer home setting.

Schneider Electric’s safety products and solutions safeguard your home, loved ones and possessions against the invisible dangers of electricity –  so you can enjoy more peaceful and protected living.   At Elektra, our sales team suggest that you upgrade your home consumer unit with Schneider Electric devices to better protect your family and your home technology.

Surge Protection Devices – Your Best Defence

Lightning tends to strike homes and properties, especially throughout the winter months.  Any structure in the path of an electrical storm is potentially at risk.  Although it may only last for a few microseconds, lighting causes a dangerous voltage surge that can destroy your electronic devices and might even cause a fire.  Installing surge protection devices, SPDs, can reduce or even prevent damage to your valuable possessions.

Did you know?

A power surge can enter your house either via a direct strike, or indirectly.  Direct strikes occur when lighting passes directly through a building, often causing major damage as well as fires. Indirect strikes occur when lightning strikes the ground nearby, or power lines directly connected to a house. When this happens, any connected appliance or electronic device can be destroyed.  This could lead to the replacement of appliances as well as to the disruption of your personal and professional connectivity.

Do you think that your equipment is protected?

Consider your home suitably protected?  Please remember, even if you already have an earth electrode installed, the job of the surge protection device is to prevent the surge from entering the circuits through your gadgets and appliances.

RCDs and RCBOs are there to protect you from earth leakage. RCBOs also prevent over current and short circuits.

RCDs: Your ultimate protection from electrocution

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are ground fault interrupters that detect electrocution currents and cut power off immediately.  Because of the potential damage of electricity and water, it is obligatory to have electrical safety standard on ALL circuits supplying power outlets, lighting and all devices in bathrooms and wet areas.

Schneider Electric AutoRestart

Auto Restart: is an attachment to RCDs

The automatic reset device attached to the RCD will reset the RCD should this trip (as soon as the detected fault is safe to operate again), however if there is a fault, this will remain tripped for safety reasons.

Our products and solutions protect your family and home against the risk of electrocution and fire and safeguard your electronic devices and technology against power surges.   We enhance your interior design with our stylish switches and make your life easier by implementing more practical functionalities into our devices.

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