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A thing or two about Uninterruptible Power Supplies

One of the biggest nightmares when you operate a business that completely relies on electricity is a power cut. Data can be lost, unnecessary downtime occurs and hardware can be substantially damaged. By the time the generator kicks in, you already know that you will be wasting the rest of the day working on recovery of the data and potentially fixing and debugging your hardware.
A solution for this has long been found through the use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs). UPSs come in different sizes and powers, to be able to control different circumstances according to the need of the building.

UPSs provides emergency power via its batteries which switches on when the device senses a power cut or power fail from the primary source. This allows you to keep on running smoothly for the span of a few minutes until the generator kicks in.

Needless to say, a large number of companies do not own a generator and therefore a power cut can prove to be a huge detriment to the company, especially if operating computers or machines. When adding on a UPS to your company’s system, the UPS gives you enough time to switch off all machinery, in order to make sure no damages occur.

UPSs are especially needed in places relying on high critical power such as banks, hospitals and calls centers to mention a few. When working at a bank, a power cut could result in the loss of transactions which would have been taking place, as well as potential damage to machinery such as ATMs.

Hospital surgery theaters also benefit from having a UPS since it is a place where one cannot risk machine failure, especially if a power cut occurs while a surgery is going on.
Call centers also need constant connection to electricity since their operations are on the phone and without electricity this cannot happen. UPSs installed in call centers will secure the smooth running of operations in time of need.

Say goodbye to power cuts

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