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Lighting is fundamental to office design and spaces as it directly impacts the workers who make use of this space. At Elektra we know for a fact that lighting affects the way employees think and make decisions during their working day. Brighter spaces can cause people to react more emotionally, whereas dim lighting in the work environment can cause restlessness and negatively impact upon your employees’ health. Lighting is easily overlooked when businesses are considering their office design. Below are some key points companies can implement that will positively influence the wellbeing of your workers and their productivity – which will then be translated across into their interactions with your business clients.

Gaming Innovation Group Offices
Gaming Innovation Group Offices

1. Lighting suitable for any task

What makes an office so comfortable and productive to work in? Definitely it is the light that is incorporated within the office. Modern offices require lighting tailored to the needs of the employees working in that space. Lighting is a vital design element which shouldn’t be overlooked. Lighting directly influences your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Although employers must also be aware not to over-illuminate people’s desks – because too much light can have an adverse effect on your employee’s health, whilst at the same time costing you money in wasted energy.

Elektra lighting specialists suggest that lighting should be layered, to avoid over-illumination. With interiors where the main light source is coming from the ceiling, layer the space with ambient or task lighting. This will give users a much greater control over how they can light up their workspace. Our specialists always suggest to have a desk lamp, as this little lamp can provide workers with that extra illumination so they can concentrate and focus while working on a specific task. Besides desk lamps, floor lamps also offer a great deal of light personalization.

2. Lighting control system

What can be easier than a lighting control system in your office? Lighting control systems help businesses save energy in their office workspace, because they automatically respond to the way each and every space is utilised. When incorporating such a system into your office environment, you will definitely be getting back much more in return. These systems add a whole new level of flexibility to lighting, which is vital in modern offices today. Lighting control systems are useful for areas such as corridors, toilets and meeting rooms which are used less frequently. In turn this will help lights to be switched off when they are no longer required.

Elektra lighting specialists suggest installing dimmer switches in meeting rooms, so that users can have access to light control when using presentations or a projector. Blinds and window dressings can also be controlled through such a system.

Gaming Innovation Group Offices
Gaming Innovation Group Offices

3. How to light up different areas

Light, when it is used well can create an important first impression. It will accentuate your brand values and complement your office design. The right lighting choice can also help define different areas within an open plan office. Some tips on how lighting can create and give life to those neglected areas in your office:

Booths and small meeting areas can be designed with low lighting features to bring about a feeling of intimacy. Spot lights can help create direction – illuminating the corridors whilst directing people to different areas and meeting rooms.

Pendant lights are a great way to define areas and to help set the right atmosphere for meetings and get-togethers. Your open-plan office in Malta can also benefit from pendant lights as they add a stylish design feature. Maybe you’d like to incorporate different colours, accent lighting or to highlight features, shelves or plants? Using different bulbs and lamp shades can be ideal when creating some diversity and informality to lounge areas.

EY Malta Offices
EY Malta Offices

4. LEDs for better quality of light and save money

Today’s popular alternative to fluorescent tubes are LEDs. Why LEDs? Why are they so popular today? Simple, LEDs are cost-effective in the long term. Many businesses choose this option as they are energy efficient, lasting longer and using much less wattage. If you are looking for a modern look, then LED panels create a stylish feature for suspended ceilings. As an added bonus, these panels can also help to diffuse the light and eliminate any glare. This will help users improve their productivity and to feel more comfortable within their office workspace.

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