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It’s back to College and University for students throughout Malta.  Yes, the new academic year is suddenly here, meaning it’s time to focus on some full-on serious study and to wave goodbye to the carefree summer. 

Nowadays, tech-savvy students return to campus armed with valuable timesaving technology; laptop computers, tablets and smartphones helping keep those academic timetables handy and course notes and personal assignments centralized and instantly accessible – not forgetting of course the Spotify soundtrack keeping you sane as you study.

But what are you doing to protect your technology and safeguard your important data and personal assignments?  And no, we don’t just mean running a few back-ups every now and again. 

Salicru UPSs

Have you given any serious thought to buying a UPS device?  It could be the best investment you ever made.  Let’s put it this way, say you are a final year degree student with your big dissertation due.  You know your dissertation will involve weeks of research, writing and lots of referencing with you potentially working through the night to get it finished.  So, how would you feel if some of your work was lost due to power failure? 

We all know Autumn in Malta can be a challenge, because of the frequent power-cuts.  So, why not protect your technology and at the same time safeguard your student data, especially your assignments. Be assured that if a power cut hits while you are working, your student assignments will remain safe.

Here’s a quick explainer on why UPS devices are such a lifesaver.

First of all, lets explain the name: A UPS is simply a device which gives you Uninterruptible Power Supply through its backup battery, protecting you against power issues, such as surges and power cuts. 

Salicru UPS devices

These ingenious devices provide battery backup for all your electronic devices, as well as routers and Wi-Fi equipment so that when the power stalls or cuts completely you can continue working, giving you time to shut down your technology safely and securely, saving your important work.  Or, better still depending on the size of the UPS you buy, you may even be able to continue working for a few hours.

So how does it work?  A Standard UPS device actively monitors the mains voltage coming in and if there are any voltage spikes or surges it will sense this and automatically change the supply to that of its own batteries.  In a home office or student workspace, the UPS can also provide backup power for speakers and external monitors, helping you to stay productive through a power cut.

Many UPS devices also have USB ports, which is great as when the power is off you can still continue to charge phones or tablets.

Salicru UPS devices

The Online UPS actually offers increased protection and can be used for more sensitive equipment.  The difference between a Standard UPS device and an Online UPS device is that the Standard UPS springs into action once the power goes out, whereas the Online UPS is constantly running, to ensure there will be consistent continued power supplied to your devices, without even a fraction of a second of delay.

So, what are you waiting for?  Visit our Elektra showroom in Qormi to study the UPS devices we have in store.  Safeguard all your important student work.   We promise all you’ll have left to worry about is your referencing!

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