Want efficient, reliable, safe electrical installations? Get wise to Acti9 Isobar P technology.

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Schneider Electric’s modern innovative panel boards are a win-win solution for electrical contractors wanting to maximise their efficiency on site.  This market leading technology offers assured levels of protection and control, while combining a range of other assets, resulting in simpler, safer and speedier installations.

The Acti9 Isobar Distribution Board is one of Schneider Electric’s recent generation of panel boards, already making a name for itself within the industry.

As a global specialist in electrical technologies, Schneider Electric design, develop and deliver integrated solutions making safer, reliable, efficient and productive products. Elektra are proud to work with Schneider Electric, bringing these innovative technologies to our trade customers.  So, this week’s Elektra blog explores the benefits of Schneider Electric’s Acti9 Isobar Distribution Board. 

Part of Schneider Electric’s Acti9 range, the Isobar P is one option of distribution boards. This technology is ideal for electrical contractors and panel builders, helping them perform installations quicker, reliably and efficiently as possible.

The Acti9 Isobar P system offers Isobar Offload disconnection function where installers can plug their switchgear directly into the board. Innovators at Schneider Electric who developed this technology say this smarter, neater system halves installation time, while reducing the potential for cabling errors on site. Future maintenance is also a lot simpler, because all devices and connections are easy to access.

The safety of electrical installers is always a paramount priority to the teams at Schneider; so, as well as the Isobar disconnect switch function, the RCBO plug-on connection system incorporates safe and reliable functional earth and neutral connection.  Full IP2X internal shrouding also assures maximum protection.

The Isobar P system is also a fully flexible system – meaning it can be easily adapted to meet the evolving demands of businesses.  The system, compatible with Schneider’s complete Acti9 range, allows the installer to provide connected functionality.  It can be used for a range of applications, including lighting, power, IT, HVAC and critical power. Isobar P functionality also exists in two forms: distribution board and pan assembly, so that integration into an enclosure or a switchboard is possible.

The technology also comes with a 5 year warranty. T&C applies.

Interested to know more?   Don’t just take our word for it – why not watch this short video, where you can see it being installed and hear feedback from an electrician using the technology.

Schneider Electric video on Acti9 Isobar Distribution Boards

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