Which lighting design trends are going to dominate 2020?

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As we cross out 2019 on our calendars and usher in a new decade, Elektra looks back on the past ten years to come up with inspiration to develop fashionable trends in lighting for the coming year.

Good lighting is intricately tied in with interior design and gradually evolves hand in hand with other lifestyle trends. Some examples of trends in design which have recently revolutionized home interior design include the likes of minimalism, geometricity and functional design. These have also been sprinkled with macro themes such as ecological awareness, decluttering, home digitisation and automation, as well as being influenced by oriental philosophies such as feng shui and Wabi-sabi.

According to the past ten years, here are some design tips that we think will be popular in 2020:

  • Geometric and essential shapes:
    • Simple, strong, bold and functional. These are all words which describe to shift that is happening towards new lighting fixtures. Patterns are no longer something limited to the wall paper in your room, modern lighting fixtures make use of these shapes to create a statement and give a cohesive appearance to your space. 
  • Feature walls:
    • Over the last ten years accent walls have really made a comeback, be it with a solid contrasting colour, wall-paper, framed walls or even a logo or art-piece. These are generally accompanied by a variety of lighting options from spots to uplighters, even including lamps.
  • Modernism:
    • A somewhat vague term which many a time incorporates a variety of materials and uses. Most often, these materials are designed with a minimal, functional and quasi-industrial design language. Thrown together with LED lights such as rope lighting, dimmer lights and wall mounted pieces. This design language makes for very bright, open areas.
  • Colour shifts:
    • We’ve been noticing colour shifts in Malta’s interiors which through the years have moved from traditional magnolia and beige colours to what is considered to be more tranquil light greys and blues. Paired with soft, even, warm lighting and accented with stylish lampshades, these colours truly make your house feel like a cosy home.
  • The Age of pendant lighting
    • As lighting continues to become more of a design statement rather than simply a utilitarian product, pendant light has emerged as being the statement of choice in modern times. From large fancy glass pendants through to matching brass domes all the way to small and simplistic LED pendants – they really are the perfect complement to an eclectic kitchen, living, or dining room!
  • Reclamation, environmentalism and return to primary materials.
    • As our environmental consciousness awakens and we bring more and more of nature into our increasingly digitized homes, some people opt to complement their surroundings with lighting fixtures that feature wood, reclaimed materials, wicker, netting and other natural materials which complement their surroundings.

Whatever your choice of lighting for the coming year, be sure to give Elektra a visit and we will be more than happy to assist!

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